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It’s Friday morning and Joe is asleep for his usual 9am-ish nap.  Whew.  Yesterday he didn’t go down till after 10am, which meant missing my postnatal boot camp.  I’m all for getting out and helping Joe learn that he sometimes needs to adjust and adapt his schedule, but I’m also one for picking my battles.  I decided not to fight that one.  Still, I’m glad that it wasn’t a struggle on this morning.

My feet are propped up on the couch, the kitchen is (somewhat) clean with dishes in the machine, counters wiped, food put away, and tonight’s dinner thawing in the fridge.  I can hear school children laughing and rough-housing in the street below as they prepare to embark on a field trip.  Bless the teachers and docents in charge of them!

I look to my right and I see this bouquet:

Chris surprised me with them this morning.  He left for work, and about 30 minutes later I heard his key in the lock.  Imagine my surprise when he walked through the door with them as an early “Mother’s Day” gift.  I’m blessed beyond measure to have such a wonderful man by my side.  It’s been 7 1/2 years and I love him more now than I ever have.

It’s time to tell you guys some news.

Chris, Joe and I will be leaving New Zealand.  Chris was offered a job at a university in Virginia with a start date of August 2013 (note that it’s over a year away).  We still have plenty of time in New Zealand, or so I keep telling myself.  Except that the months are already filling up.  Chris has many conferences over the next year that will take him to the US, to Germany, to Australia, and to various parts of New Zealand.  It’s also highly likely that we’ll be spending several weeks in Oxford and possibly a few in Scotland at the tail end of that.  We’ll see.

Making the decision to move to Virginia wasn’t easy.  I’d say that for 90% of the final 3 months of this process, I was opposed to leaving New Zealand.  I’ve had a very positive time here.  New Zealand has its issues and problems like any other country, but I’ve grown quite attached to it.  It’s funny, because had you asked me to move back to the US during the first year, or even year and a half, of being here, I would have been able to agree without too much sadness or sorrow.  Something about that 1 1/2 year mark, though, must do it.  This has become home.

Virginia will be home, too.  Once the decision had been made and we knew we were moving, I was 100% supportive of Chris and behind him all the way.  I’m excited to move there and to meet new people.  I’m excited to live in what appears to be a very family-friendly town.  I’m thrilled at the prospect of being within a day’s drive of both sets of parents.

I’m sad, too, and it wouldn’t be honest to say that I wasn’t.  I can work myself into a cry if I think about leaving all of our friends over here, but I can also cry if I think about living so far from our families.  This is a good decision, even if it’s a hard one.

We’ve certainly got plenty to keep us busy in the interim.  The fact that our current apartment has just been listed on the market and that we’re very likely going to be hopscotching from house to house over the next 15 months means that I’m sure that I’ll be quite happy to settle down in Virginia.  That will be our 7th move in what will by that point be 8 1/2 years of marriage.  I’m very excited for Chris, too.  This is a wonderful opportunity for him and I’m glad that he has the chance to pursue it.

I’ll still keep blogging about life as an expat.  Moving is just part of the game.  And like I said, it’s looking very certain that Joe and I will be with Chris in the UK for several weeks.  I’m excited about that and already thinking of all the various sites that we can see while there.  I’m sure that I’ll have plenty to say!

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17 thoughts on “A Little Bit of News

  1. Just re-read this and I’m at the stage where I can totally relate to the mixed emotions of relocating. Opportunities take us all over the world in this day and age – I reckon the biggest gift we can teach our children is flexibility… as they are sure going to need a lot of it (as we ourselves are learning) x

  2. Busy and exciting (and emotional) times ahead! Wishing you all the very, very best with your future moves.

    We are very close to a big change as well (can’t say much as cogs still turning.. but we could be living in San Francisco within 3 to 6 months!).

  3. Although sad at leaving New Zealand, especially after bringing the family china back from USA on your last visit, it must be a great feeling to be moving closer to your family! Good luck with the move 🙂

  4. First…how sweet is Chris!?!? I love the flowers. And YAY for a new chapter opening for you all. Even though it’s sad to leave I’m sure your families are thrilled to get you all state side again!

  5. Aww, I bet it is sad….I cry my eyes out when we leave..and the longest I have been there is 6 months. Even though I do a lot of complaining about the country, I do truly love it. haha. We are heading over to ChCh for xmas and I think stopping through Auckland. I am so excited. I hope you make the best out of the year plus to come!

  6. Exciting news, and even though I don’t really know you – will be sad to see you go! I will admit, I’m the tiniest bit jealous of you too! 😉 I will definitely continue to follow your blog, no matter where you live. Enjoy your remaining time in this beautiful country!

  7. I am so happy that Chris has a great job opportunity but is it ok if I cry a little on the inside? 😉 You will still be posting the life in New Zealand posts, right?

    Best to you and yours! I know from experience how exciting, anxious, stressful, joyful and overwhelming the US re-entry can be. Take deep breaths and try to soak up as much of your life in New Zealand as you can – there will always be a part of you that misses it.

  8. I’m glad to hear about Chris’s job, but sad that you guys will be leaving NZ. I guess we need to make it a point to get our boys together more often over the next year. I feel like I haven’t seen you and Joe in so long!
    We are off to the US next week. So I’ll get in touch when I return so we can hang out.

  9. Wow that’s really big news! And you’ll be close to me 🙂 I know you must have so many thoughts/ emotions going through your mind right now. Exciting though too! I know God will be with you through it all and you’ll be okay! Enjoy the rest of your time in NZ and make memories and the most of your time while you can. You’re blessed to have had such an amazing opportunity to live there!


  10. That is so exciting and terrifying all at once. I get the moving stress. I get how crazy it makes you feel. My prayers are with you all. (Whereabouts in VA? I’m going to be there a lot these next two years visiting friends.)

  11. Aw man I am going to miss you all so much and am glad this is still a little ways off! But it is definitely a great opportunity for you all 🙂 If only NZ was just a 3 hr flight or something from the US! Ditto what Erin said too 🙂

  12. The flowers are beautiful, I look forward to hearing about your adventures in Virginia. When I saw you had news I thought it might have been another baby 😛 x

  13. Your news is so exciting! I know it will be hard to leave your current home but I think you will love Virginia-but I may be a little partial 😉

  14. New Zealand will always have a place in your life/story, even after you move. We will miss having you so close, but couldn’t be more pleased for you 🙂

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