“Something Lost” or “Why My Husband Doesn’t Wear a Wedding Ring”

Chris doesn’t wear a wedding ring.  Some wives might find that weird or be intimidated by it, but not me.  I’ve learned my lesson.

When Chris and I got married, I bought his wedding ring.  He had it for about a year and a half but was always fiddling with it.  Chris likes to fiddle.  He flips things and bounces things and flicks them across tables.  Same thing with his ring.  He’d take it off and fiddle with it constantly.  It was always bouncing on the floor or slipping through his fingers, and I warned him that he’d lose it.

He did, naturally.  Lose it.  Between his office at Notre Dame and his car in the faculty/staff parking lot. He called me at home {I was living in Lafayette and he spent about 2 – 3 days a week in South Bend doing his visiting scholar thing} and told me that bad news.  He followed it up with a story about a friend of his who had flushed his wedding ring down the toilet, and wasn’t I glad that he hadn’t done that?

I shook my head, rolled my eyes, and let out a wry, “I knew this was gonna happen!” kind of laugh.  I told him that his next wedding ring was going to be from Walmart as a “training ring”.  Naturally, he thought this was a great idea and headed over there to buy a replacement ring ASAP.  Oh boy.  Wouldn’t you know he wore that thing for 3 years and never lost it once?

But like I said at the start of this story, he doesn’t wear a wedding ring.  The reason being that, eventually, that cheap-o Walmart ring wore through and the metal broke.  And Chris, being Chris, took it off and fiddled with it, bending it into all sorts of curly-cue shapes until I finally confiscated it and threw it away.

I offered to buy him another ring, but he couldn’t decide on one that he liked and so time stretched on and now, here it is, nearly 2 years later and still no ring.

We’ll get him a new one eventually, but it doesn’t bother us.  Now, if I lost one of my rings, that would be a different story!


Have you ever lost something that some people would consider valuable or important, but realize that you’re entirely unfazed by it?  Share!

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  1. Jane says:

    Um … I flushed my mom’s engagement ring down the toilet when I was two. I remember crawling up on the counter to get it and play with it. Whoops! I think she was only partially mad at me because she went from the starving law student engagement ring to the successful young attorney upgrade ring. 🙂

  2. Cristin says:

    My husband doesn’t wear his ring, either. But, neither did my dad, so it doesn’t seem strange to me at all. Hubby actually offers to wear his ring “upon request” – so if we have a special occasion, I’m allowed to ask him to wear it, which I think is pretty cute.

  3. Kelly V. says:

    I once lost an earring that were passed down to me by my great-grandmother. While I was sad I had lost it (I think it fell in my bedside trash can at college & took out the trash before realizing), I wasn’t devastated; my mom however was a different story when I told her months later. She had perfectly good reason: what I thought were costume jewelry were actual diamond studs (large, unique triangular shaped ones!). oops. Not to worry though, my mom had one recreated to look like the old one to match the one I still had!

    I’m still waiting for the day that Rob loses his – we bought a cheaper ring for him knowing he would probably lose it at some point during med school/residency given how much they have to take it off & on for surgeries.

  4. nichole says:

    My husband doesn’t wear his wedding ring all time… he works in construction & his hands really take a beating, so he doesn’t wear it to work. It doesn’t bother me either… I think it bothers him more than it does me, but it’s just a ring!

  5. RaeBeth McGee says:

    I really can’t say much about this one. I’m getting married in August so I guess this is what I may be looking to in the future sometime. Perhaps I’ll just add a little glue on the underside of the ring before slipping it on. *hehehe* 🙂

    I have lost something of value. My first laptop. It was stolen right out of my kitchen when I was a teen. I had gotten in it the 12th grade and it had my Senior Report on it. In the school I went to, we needed the report in order to graduate. I had to rewrite the entire thing. It was crazy but a long time ago.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day. 🙂

  6. VABelle says:

    I love that he somehow managed to keep the Walmart version but lost the more expensive ring in no time. Don’t you just love that? My husband’s ring is probably a little too snug in that he can’t get it off without lotion. That’s fine by me because I definitely would not want to have to buy another one!

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