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Spotted: Way Too Much Cake Mix!

At the grocery check-out last night, I look over my shoulder and what do I see? An entire check-out conveyor nearly covered with Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Chocolate Cake mix boxes! Good night! And there were even more in her shopping cart!

I really, really, really wanted to hop on over there and ask this woman what the heck she was buying them for, but I think Chris would’ve been embarrassed. So, I’m coming up with my own ideas:
  • Kiddie pool full of chocolate cake batter
  • Huge molten chocolate lava cake to terrorize the neighborhood
  • Stocking up in case Duncan Hines follows the way of GM
  • Or maybe she’s decorating her house along the lines of a bakery/superstore motif…
Although come to think of it, I didn’t see any milk, eggs, or oil in that cart. Hmm… it’s a mystery! Any of you have some ideas?
Happy Tuesday everyone!
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14 thoughts on “Spotted: Way Too Much Cake Mix!

  1. hilarious! who knows? i probably would have asked her, because sometimes i'm just nosey like that! haha

  2. haha, that is funny!

    Maybe she is a wedding cake baker… 🙂 And she has several weddings in one weekend.

    Okay, that was a lame idea. lol!

  3. Stopping by from SITS–wow! What on earth would someone do with all that cake mix? On the other hand I used to be embarrassed as a child because when something went on sale my dad bought tons of it. I remember a whole closet full of feminine products rofl.

  4. How funny!! Love your comment about following the way of GM – HA! I can’t imagine what she would have been making with all those boxes and no eggs or oils?? A kiddie pool full of batter sounds kind of delicious in a weird way right now 🙂

  5. Truly strange! I, too, had the idea that maybe she’s making a ton of cupcakes for a wedding or something? But you raised the point that she had no eggs, etc. in her cart and those are necessary to make a cake or cupcakes and surely nobody has that many eggs at their house!!
    Hmm, no idea!

  6. Ummm … maybe she’s gonna try and crop dust a field with brownie mix to see if brownie trees will grow?

    That’s crazy!

  7. This is too funny! I like the kiddie pool idea…
    my first thought was maybe she’s a cake baker/decorator taking a short cut!

  8. Stopping by from SITS. Good Morning!

    I bet she got lots of stares with all that brownie mix in the cart.

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