Squirt Guns and Water Balloons

I haven’t thought about Super Soakers or water balloon launchers since, I don’t know, maybe 3rd grade.

No, make that 8th grade.  The last time that I thought about a Super Soaker was during my 8th grade Science class.  I had this crazy teacher who had “interesting” ways of making sure that students toed the line.  Every now and then, he’d get out the old Super Soaker and spray some unruly kid. He kept it locked in the lab closet, so if he went in there in the middle of a lecture, you knew that someone was in trouble!

I’ve been thinking about Super Soakers and water balloon launchers lately.  The person who first put the thought into my head was, oddly enough, the pastor of the church we’re attending in NZ.  He stopped by the apartment one day and was checking out the view…

“Wow – you guys have a great view of the park.  You should buy a water balloon launcher!”

The implication being, of course, that we should sit at our windows with a giant tub of water balloons and take aim at the poor, unsuspecting souls traversing the green.  Not exactly the kind of thoughts you expect your pastor to put in your head, ha ha!

He was only kidding, of course, but I started thinking about water balloon launchers and Super Soakers again a few nights later.  You see, we live in the heart the city.  This has its pluses and its minuses.  One of those minuses is that late at night {particularly on the weekends}, people think it’s OK to walk around laughing at the top of their lungs, yelling out greetings to friends, or start jumping in the fountain in the square and start taking photos.  Alcohol, I recognize your presence!

Its at moments like this when I feel my fingers start to itch.  It’s only water, right?  A little water never hurt anyone, right?  Well, except for the Wicked Witch of the West, but she doesn’t live in New Zealand 😉

What do you think?  Is a Super Soaker purchase in my future?

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11 thoughts on “Squirt Guns and Water Balloons

  1. haha go for it i say!! i’ll help you! super soakers bring back great memories of childhood fun 🙂

  2. I LOVE this idea!

    I bet you’d open your door the next morning to a pile of fruit baskets and bakery goods from your very thankful neighbors.

  3. hahaha. First off, I love that your pastor said that. Secondly, I would totally do that! I hate when people are drunkenly yelling or loud. It scares my pup, who then barks and wakes me and Hubs up at 3 AM. So yes, go forth and purchase a super soaker…or 3.

  4. Launching water balloons from your window! Ha! It sounds like something that would happen in a sitcom… I can see Kramer doing this (hmm, or Chris!). Your pastor sounds like a neat, down-to-earth guy.

    I think you could totally soak the annoying sleep-disturbing pedestrians outside your window. After all, you’ve got that “crazy American” excuse! Cheers!

  5. hahaha… I love the idea… you’re right a little water never hurt… and I think it’s okay for people to be unruly on weekends… but in the middle of the week if you’re traipsing around at 2 am acting like a fool then you should be squirted with water! 🙂

  6. Ohhh!!!!!! I LOVE water balloons!!!! I have great memories of water balloon fights at summer camp. I think a super soaker is the perfect weapon. However, they MAY like it… 😉

    P.S. I just found your blog in case you were wondering who in the world I am! Hahaha.

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