St. Thomas, Vacation

St. Thomas

Hi Friends! We arrived safely in St. Thomas, and the weather is perfect. Today was spent at the resort’s beach & pool, followed by a quick trip into Charlotte Amalie for some more groceries. We had some of the basics delivered before our arrival, and I’m really glad we did that – it made things much nicer to arrive and have food already in the fridge.

We’re going on an all day sail/snorkel/sunset cruise tomorrow, and I mean ALL day – it’s from 9am – 7:30pm. I cannot wait! As far as I’m concerned, anyone who visits an island or tropical-like setting should go on one of those cruises, even if it’s only for a few hours. It’s so much fun to be on the water and soak up the sun 🙂

I gotta get going, but I hope that you all enjoy your week!
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7 thoughts on “St. Thomas

  1. Oh! How exciting! I hope you have a wonderful day and am glad yall arrived perfectly! Cannot wait to see pictures of such a beautiful vacation!

  2. I’m sooo happy for you and Chris! Have a fantabulous blast you two and we are looking forward to reading more getaway updates! (cue song: Baby I Love Your Way; UB40)

  3. Sounds like you guys are having a great time. We really enjoyed St.Thomas when we were there a few years ago.
    Can’t wait to hear more about your trip.

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