Starting Daycare, New Wheels, and Hearing Truth

We went out this weekend and bought ourselves a 2nd vehicle.  It was pretty clear that, with me starting full-time employment, we needed another car.  After doing a lot of research regarding the best small, fuel-efficient vehicles, we went with a 2013 Kia Soul.

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A few months ago, I never would have considered a Kia Soul.  I thought they were odd-looking, boxy things.  I started out thinking that we would go with a Prius or a Honda Fit, but after having test driven the Prius, Chris and I both agreed that it wasn’t the car for us.  Not to mention that in order to get a used Prius with low mileage in good condition, we would have to spend the maximum of our car budget.  And that was to get an “OK”, slightly dinged-up Prius.  There were other factor – neither of us liked the split rear window, the back seat was very cramped – but the biggest consideration was price.

I test drove the Honda Fit and, while it does get great gas mileage, I felt like I was stuffed into a too-full sardine can.  It’s a very small car, which is exactly what it was designed to be, but for the price we weren’t too impressed.

I had been seeing the Kia Soul pop up in various reviews, ratings, etc., and decided to give it another look.  I love that it has the 60/40 split rear seat, as well as the fact that the rear seats can lay completely flat for lots of storage.  The rear seat is roomier than you would expect with space for 3 people and enough room for 3 car seats (no, I don’t have an announcement to make, but I do think about the fact that we may want to have another child in a few years and if that’s the case, there would be 3 car seats, or 2 car seats + a booster seat, in the back).  It also sits a bit higher off the road, which I like, and feels a bit like an SUV with a lot more storage space than the Prius or Fit.

So, we bought one!  Green wasn’t my first color choice, but it was the right price and now I don’t ever have to worry about losing my car in the parking lot 🙂


We dropped the boys off at daycare on Monday.  It was their first, full day away from us and I was worried about how it would go.  Both boys went into it as happy as could be and barely had time to say good-bye to me as I left.  When we picked them up, they were both still playing and had big smiles on their faces.  All good signs.


When I was running errands during the day, my eyes immediately went to the two-seater shopping carts.  I quickly noticed the moms pushing their children around the store.  I was acutely aware of the lack of little voices in the back seat as I was driving down the road.  The house was still and silent, and I was lonely.

But then this morning, as I was walking Joe and Jack out to the car for their Dad to drop them off, Joe said something so sweet.  He asked me if I would be lonely today, and I said “Yes, I’ll be lonely without you, but don’t worry!  I’ll see you soon.”  And he said to me, “You don’t need to be lonely, Mama, because God is with you!”

I tell you, the way He uses my children to speak truth to me is simply amazing.  Thank you, Lord, for speaking to me through my precious children!

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  1. Praying for you in the transition! It’s hard. But sounds like they’re in great hands, and it will become the new normal soon. Cool car!

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