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Stay Tuned: Chris on the Radio

Happy June everyone! I can’t believe May is over and done with, can you?

I have some interesting news – Chris is going to be on a radio show this Thursday! He was emailed on Saturday by the host, Chuck Morse, and asked if he would be interested in having an hour’s discussion on philosophy and how it relates to current events. We’re not sure how he got Chris’ name, but the show seems respectable enough, and it will be a new experience, if nothing else. Sounds like fun, right?

At first, Chris almost said no. You see, Chris’ main areas of expertise center around what I like to refer to as the “3 Fs” – football, finance, and ph(f)ilosophy. Current events don’t normally fall under his umbrella, and generally speaking, if Chris knows about what’s going on in the outside world, it’s because I’ve told him about it or it somehow relates to one of the “3 Fs”. He has gotten a lot better since we’ve been married, and has even occasionally surprised me by telling me news I haven’t yet heard. He’s very focused.

So with that in mind, you can see how having a discussion on philosophy and current events might be a bit difficult. Like I said, at first Chris was going to turn him down, but I suggested that he ask for the topics in advance, or perhaps narrow it down so that he could do some research. The show didn’t have a problem with this, so this Thursday from 3-4pm you can tune in (or go online) and hear my husband on “The Boston Tea Party“. He’s going to be discussing Naturalism vs. Theism in general, with a more specific focus by answering the question “With all the evil in the world today, does it make sense to believe in God?”. I won’t tell you his answer – you’ll have to hear it for yourself! I have Thursday off, so you can bet that I’ll be listening, too 🙂

Have a great Monday!

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6 thoughts on “Stay Tuned: Chris on the Radio

  1. Yay for Chris (and you)…this is the first step to his worldwide stardom. He will be the Philosophy King. 🙂

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