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Stealing Pancakes

Now that I’m done with clinic for the semester, I have a little extra time to catch up on everything that didn’t get done around the house when I was so busy do fun stuff, like watch a movie, read books, and do some cooking or baking.  Yesterday, I decided to make pancakes for the freezer.

I love to have stuff in the freezer that’s ready to pull out for meals.  One of my biggest wish lists when we bought a house was to have a big ol’ freezer to fill up.  I know, it’s weird, but it brings me joy!

I pulled out the giant bag of pancake mix that we bought at Costco and set out to whip up a few flapjacks.

Yes, that’s a 10 pound bag of Krusteaz pancake mix and yes, we’ll use every bit of it.

I doctored the mix by replacing half of the water with sweetened condensed milk that was left over from making a pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving.  Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and vanilla bean paste sounded good, too, so in they went.

They smelled AMAZING.  On a whim, I decided to pull out the cookie cutters and made several shaped pancakes: gingerbread men, hearts, dinosaurs, cars, and the letter “J” for Joe and Jack.  They turned out so cute!  I flash froze them for an hour then scooped them all into Ziploc bags to give to the boys on my next breakfast morning.

See?  Cute, right?

The following morning, I woke up just after 7am (it was my morning to sleep in), came out, and was greeted by Joe with stories of the FABULOUS breakfast that Daddy had made – pancakes in the shape of humans!  Pancakes in the shape of cars!  Pancakes in the shape of hearts!

I looked at Chris inquiringly.

“I found those pancakes you made in the freezer and gave some to the boys for breakfast.  Hope you don’t mind!”

Are. you. kidding me?

Wah!  That extra work and effort that I put in to making them, only to have Chris give them to the boys on his breakfast morning, i.e., the morning where he’s supposed to be responsible for making the food and serving it.  And instead, he took out the pancakes I’d made and gave them to the boys.

Honestly, I wasn’t upset about the fact that he poached my pancakes (although now that I’m sitting here, I suppose I am maybe a little irked – pancakes aren’t hard to make but it did mean extra clean up and planning on my part).  What I was really disappointed about was missing the boys’ reactions and that I didn’t get to share in that.  But it was pretty cute hearing them describe the gingerbread man pancakes as “human” shaped pancakes!

I told Chris that he can make it up to me by taking me out to lunch.  And by making pancakes on one of my breakfast mornings :-p

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