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We go through at least 4 books with Joe every day.  Thank goodness the library is nearby.

Chris was reading to Joe one evening, and they looked so cute and precious that I had to take photos.  I hope that as Joe grows older, he’ll continue to enjoy reading books with his daddy as much as he did this day.

Reading “Baa Baa Smart Sheep”

A few days later, I snapped off some more.  It was a Sunday morning, and Chris was reading to Joe from “Little Pookie” while trying to get Joe down for a nap.

Joe is going through a spitting-up phase, hence Chris’ ratty t-shirt.  He didn’t want to get dressed for church, only to have to change because of spilled milk!

We’ve learned that Joe loves to be read to right before going to sleep.  I didn’t expect a 3 month old to like books so much.  I guess it’s a perfect combination of (1) being held and snuggled by people who love him, (2) hearing our voices, and (3) getting to look at brightly colored pictures.  I don’t know if he’ll always love books this much, but he certainly enjoys it for now.

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  1. This is so cute! i look forward to moments like this with our little one. And luckily, they don’t remember which books you’ve read. 🙂

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