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Sunny Saturday Photos

Three views from our windows…

Mid-morning sunshine that warms up the living room

(L – R: Vero Centre, Lumley Centre, and the park)

A view of the park across the road

Our “view” of the Sky Tower – tallest structure in NZ & the Southern Hemisphere

Okay, so that last “view” isn’t all that great, but it has a funny story to it!  When we first arrived in NZ, we joked about how the Sky Tower was kind of creepy because everywhere you looked, it seemed like it was always there, watching you!  It was like this big, omnipresent eyeball that followed us wherever we walked.  And then there it is, still “watching” us over the tops of a few buildings in our new home 🙂

I hope that you’re all having a great weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Sunny Saturday Photos

  1. So jealous you have sunshine on your Saturday- it’s gross and rainy in Texas – what a way to spend the 4th!

    Happy Saturday!

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