Swimming with Sharks

If you have ever watched videos of sharks in the wild, then you may know that they can be way scarier than Jaws. In order to catch seals (or maybe it’s sea lions), great white sharks will position itself underneath the seal. It will then swim straight up and launch itself 10 feet in the air, jaws viciously clamped around its unsuspecting victim. The week before we went to Key West, I was reminded of these facts because it was Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. There we were, some two days before we head to Key West, watching a documentary about a rash of shark attacks in Florida. We could never suspect that only five days later, we would be swimming with sharks.

This fateful dip in the ocean transpired on a sunny day a few miles off the coast of Key West. We went on an excursion with Danger Charters to go kayaking and snorkeling. First, we kayaked and then we snorkeled–snorkeled with the sharks. Jenny saw it out of the corner of her eye. She immediately pointed to get my attention. It hovered 8 feet below us. Then, all of a sudden, it was getting away. I had to make a quick decision, so I did what any loving, adventuresome husband would do. I abandoned my wife to follow the shark.

In my mind, I reviewed my strategy for slaying the shark were it to attack me. My strategy was simple: kill it without getting eaten. My chances of surviving such a battle soon decreased, however, as the shark led me to an even bigger one. Then there were two sharks (and a funny looking fish that may have been a grouper) resting by the coral. These beasts looked as dangerous as a chubby puppy sleeping in the shade. After a while I got bored and followed the funny looking fish around for a while.

No animals or people were harmed during these events.

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1 thought on “Swimming with Sharks

  1. Yeah, I know what you mean about the Discovery Shark Week thingy. We watched a bit and I didn’t quite feel safe the remainder of the honeymoon.
    But you’re right about the nurse sharks. When we went down there last summer we spotted one sleeping in the bottom of a wrecked boat/ship (I never know the difference); it was rather dull after the initial shock of realizing that you are in the water with a real live shark! I think the scariest thing that Mike and I swam (have swimmed, whatever) with was a “baby” barricuda and I’m sure you can guess from my little quotations that there was NOTHING baby about it!!

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