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Baby Jack

Introducing the newest edition: Jack Tobias Tucker Jack was born on the 26th of April at 7:30 in the morning – he was 38 weeks on the nose! I started to feel a bit uncomfortable around 9:30pm the night before.  I tried to go to sleep but kept getting up.  Finally, around 11:30pm, I made… Read More Baby Jack

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Baby, Baby ~ 36 Weeks

Late again, I know, but only a few more days till I’m considered full-term. I don’t have a 36 week photo.  Joe is under the weather and I’m getting over a cold.  Here’s a picture taken during 35 weeks. Standing at the top of the Wellington Cable Car track in the Botanic Gardens Here’s how… Read More Baby, Baby ~ 36 Weeks

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Baby, Baby ~ 32 Weeks

Hooray for being at 32 weeks!  Hopefully there are no more than 8 weeks remaining in this pregnancy journey. Standing in our new apartment bathroom Cropped out of the above photo is Joe’s little hand reaching desperately for the soap dispenser.  He loves to wash his hands! Here’s how things have been going since the… Read More Baby, Baby ~ 32 Weeks

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Baby Baby ~ 30 Weeks

Something about that number “2” changing to a “3” makes reaching 30 weeks seem like a pretty exciting deal.  I know that I’m getting more and more ready for baby boy #2 to get here 🙂 Joe decided to wake up crying at 4:30am today.  Perhaps he wanted to remind me of what’s in store… Read More Baby Baby ~ 30 Weeks

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Baby Baby ~ 26 Weeks

Only 98 days remaining till my estimated date of delivery – hooray for double digits!  Hopefully that number is pretty spot-on and baby #2 doesn’t decide to repeat his older brother’s performance of going late. No photo today.  We are all recovering from a GI bug of sorts and I was too tired to get… Read More Baby Baby ~ 26 Weeks

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Baby, Baby ~ 22 Weeks

Here’s what’s been happening since the 20 week update, but first, a picture… Self-portraits are not my thing. Weight Gain I’m going to write this one time: I won’t ever share on here how much I weigh or how much weight I’m gaining on a week-to-week basis.  It has nothing to do with me not… Read More Baby, Baby ~ 22 Weeks

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Baby, Baby ~ 18 Weeks

My goodness, but time is flying.  I remember it seeming this way during the first half of Joe’s pregnancy, too.  Weeks 1 – 20 practically zoomed by and then the rest of the pregnancy d-r-a-g-g-e-d.  I have an inkling that most women feel that way when they’re expecting 🙂 So yes, today I’m 18 weeks… Read More Baby, Baby ~ 18 Weeks

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10 Months

Dear Joseph, It’s unbelievable to me how much you’ve grown and changed in such a short period of time.  How is that you’re already 10 months old?  You’ve gone from this: Less than 2 hours old To this: Just shy of 10 months old You’re alert and moving and growing in independence every day! Movement… Read More 10 Months


Something’s Going On…

Something strange is going on around here… Changes are taking place in our apartment… “Things” are happening… Our apartment is not our own anymore! Basic, everyday functions have been hampered… We. are. baby-proofing!  And all because of this guy: It’s up to us to protect him from himself 🙂

Joseph Ezra

182 Days

Dear Joe, You are officially 6 months (182 days) old!  I cannot believe how fast you’ve grown up.  It seems just yesterday that we were bringing you home from the hospital. You have practically doubled your birth weight and now weigh 18 lbs 2 oz (8.22 kgs) and boy, can we tell!  You’re squarely in… Read More 182 Days


My Darling Baby Boy

Introducing Joseph Ezra Tucker… He is a big boy!  Birth weight was 4.265 kilograms {roughly 9.4 lbs} and 54 cms {21.25 inches}.  Everyone’s doing very, very well 🙂

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