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Recipe: “Not-Quite-Scotcheroos”

These bars are the kind of thing your dentist warned you to stay away from.  Sticky?  Yes.  Chewy?  Yes.  Sweet?  Oh yes. Not-Quite-Scotcheroos I decided to call these “Not-Quite-Scotcheroos” because they’re like Scotcheroos, but not quite.  Not very original, but there you have it. Why aren’t they scotcheroos? Reason #1 – I can’t find butterscotch… Read More Recipe: “Not-Quite-Scotcheroos”

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Alright, blog people – I need suggestions for things to do in Dunedin! Did you know that even though I live in New Zealand and even though my Google Maps is set for NZ settings, the first “Dunedin” that pops up when I do a search is “Dunedin, Florida”?  I’m sure that it’s much warmer… Read More Dunedin?

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Ghost Chips

This is a quick 1-minute PSA put out by NZ Transport about stopping people from driving drunk.  It’s funny and a good example of the Maori/Pacific Island accent here in New Zealand 🙂  It’s a nice change from the typical drunk-driving PSAs…

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New Zealand Wins!

The All Blacks have beat France to win the RWC 2011!!!!  Yaaaaaay, New Zealand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  After everything that New Zealand has faced in the last year – the Christchurch Earthquake, the Rena Oil Spill – this win is a huge jolt in the arm 🙂  Go, the All Blacks, you beauties! PS – Pretty cool that… Read More New Zealand Wins!

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Do you see that? I’m not referring to the Sky Tower.  I’m referring to the other thing.  Do you see it?  No?  Here – let me point it out to you: You still don’t see it?!  Ugh.  Fine – I’ll zoom in: Do you see it now?!  That, my lovely readers, is a human being… Read More SkyJump

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On Holiday

Hello, my lovely readers!  I’ll be taking a bit of a blogging break for the next week while we are on holiday in Paihia and the Bay of Islands.  I’m looking forward to exploring yet another area of New Zealand and spending time with my boys 🙂  In the meantime, you guys can amuse yourselves… Read More On Holiday

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Foreign Food

I’ve been cleaning and organizing a lot these days.  One of the big tasks on my “to do” list was to reorganize the pantry.  While not exactly terrible, it was messy enough that finding something took awhile.  Also, I wasn’t always sure what we had and what we didn’t, which resulted in sometimes buying extra… Read More Foreign Food

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Today, I’m thankful for Andrea, Brooke, Catherine, Emma, Erin, Danae, Jane, Rebecca, and Shannon. All of the above were at my baby shower on Saturday.  It was so much fun!  During one of the many moments of laughter and chit-chat, I looked out and felt a lot of gratitude.  One of my worries regarding moving… Read More Thankful

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Guess Who Put The Baby Crib Together All By Herself

My old teddy in the corner + a few gifts sent over by my mom That would be me! We bought the crib {or cot, as it’s called over here} from Mocka, a family company that’s based in Christchurch, New Zealand.  I wanted a crib that was simple and clean with a standard American sized… Read More Guess Who Put The Baby Crib Together All By Herself

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