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Cloth Nappies

I’d always been interested in the idea of using cloth rather than disposable nappies.  To be honest, my biggest motivator wasn’t about the environment or health concerns – it was about cost. There, I said it.  It may make me sound like a cold-blooded Scrooge, but if using cloth meant saving money, then I was… Read More Cloth Nappies

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The Nursery

I’ve finally got the nursery to a point where I like it…     One thing you don’t see?  A rocking chair.  That’s because we didn’t have one when I took these photos… but we have one now! The rocking chair is in the corner where the swing was, so just imagine it there with… Read More The Nursery

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Special Delivery

We have diapers! Lots and lots… …of baby diapers! When Chris was unloading them from his trip back to the States, I said, “Ooooh – so many diapers!”  He responded by saying, “I said the same thing, but in a much different tone of voice!” In the end, I decided to purchase a mix of… Read More Special Delivery

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Oyako Mei-Tai

When you hear the word “mei-tai”, you might be thinking “alcoholic beverage” {or, if you’re a family member of my husband’s, you might be thinking of a certain adorably named dog}.  Wrong!  That would be a mai tai, which sounds fabulous to this pregnant lady right now but isn’t going to be on the menu… Read More Oyako Mei-Tai

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The Stroller

Several people have wondered which stroller we decided to purchase for baby boy.  So, without further ado, I give you the Baby Jogger City Mini 2011 in black! image via I’m so happy with this stroller.  It satisfies my 3 main criteria that any stroller must meet: One handed fold {So easy!  You pull up… Read More The Stroller

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Shopping for Baby Supplies in New Zealand

I’ve been mainly in research mode up till now in terms of buying baby supplies.  On Friday, I took my research and put it into practice: we went shopping! I’ve mentioned before that we decided not to buy a car here.  Luckily, some friends of ours are out of the country for the next month… Read More Shopping for Baby Supplies in New Zealand

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