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Thank You Hobby Lobby :-)

Isn’t Hobby Lobby the best? I went there this afternoon to get some of our paintings framed – two of them were from a street vendor in Paris and were purchased during last year’s trip, and another is a painting that Chris bought when he went to Russia several years ago. In less than 20 minutes, everything was squared away. It was quick, easy, economical, and the girl who helped me was really nice. I’ll be able to pick up my things in about a week and a half. I can’t wait to share pictures once it’s all done!

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10 thoughts on “Thank You Hobby Lobby :-)

  1. I LOVE Hobby Lobby!! Unfortunately, my behind the times town doesn't have one so I only get to shop there when we visit the in-laws. You can always find the cutest stuff!

  2. I just went there last night with some friends to look at their Christmas decorations. Early, I know…

    I saw that their custom framing is 50% off this week…I need to go back and take the picture of my dog that my roommate drew for me!

  3. I love Hobby Lobby! They do such good work!

    I left something for you on my blog today!

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