That’ll Wake You Up in the Morning

Another reason why I don’t like living in a managed townhouse: maintenance men.

Imagine that you’re sound asleep when suddenly, someone comes in to your bedroom!!!  You open your eyes and there’s some big, sweaty guy looking at you, and there you are under the covers in your PJs!  Augh!

That’s how I woke up today.  Apparently, I didn’t hear the maintenance guy yelling out “maintenance!” over the fan in my bedroom (plus the fact that I was asleep).  I’m not sure who was more surprised – him or me.  I’ll definitely say that I was more scared!  They were apparently checking all of the smoke detectors, and there’s one in our bedroom.  Bear, our 18 pound fluff ball that attempts to pass for a dog, proved yet again his failure at guarding the house.  He didn’t make a peep and apparently did nothing more than attempt to lick the guy to death.  Classic.

To his credit, the maintenance guy apologized profusely and nearly fell over himself trying to get out of the bedroom, then proceeded to knock and ask if it was OK to come in.  Ha!

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9 thoughts on “That’ll Wake You Up in the Morning

  1. Found your blog through one of your comments on D.A.R’s. I love it!! This is perhaps the scariest/funniest thing I’ve ever heard. I would’ve freaked out!!

  2. Yikes! At least he was really nice about it! I remember living in this one house on campus when I was in undergrad and the rental company would just let their maintenance men barge in whenever they wanted and be there all day long with no warning. Yeah, that was awesome. Especially when one time I had just gotten out of the shower and was walking to my room (in my towel!!) only to find them working on the lock to my door. UGH!

  3. Awww yes the days of the maintenance guys walking in. I have actually had a maintenance guy steal a check from my desk and try to cash it. From that point on they had to schedule a day & time with me if they wanted in and he was never allowed back to my apartment.
    The fact that the guy knocked on your door in the end and asked if he could come in, is hilarious. My dob Abby does the same thing with anyone who comes into our house.

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