The Perfect Late-Night Snack…

I know what they say – “You’re not supposed to eat after 7pm”, or “You’re metabolism slows down in the evening”. Yeah, yeah! We allll know that. But we also all know that sometimes, you’ve just gotta have a late night snack. And in my mind, there is no doubt as to what is the absolute perfect one: peanut butter and honey on toast with a glass of milk. Warm bread, slightly melty peanut butter, and the sweet taste of honey goodness all blended into one wonderful, luscious bite! Come to mama!

What’s your favorite late-night snack food?
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7 thoughts on “The Perfect Late-Night Snack…

  1. I LOVE cheese and crackers with vanilla milk for a late night snack. It makes me feel safe and happy every time! Also, milk toast is a great snack … warm milk poured over cinnamon toast! yummy!

  2. gah… half the time we don’t even eat supper until after 7!!!!!

    my no guilt late night snack: edy’s strawberry fuit pops

    my guilty one: vanilla ice cream with hard shell!

  3. Well last night both S and I were in the mood for chocolate, and of course we didn’t have any, so at 10 pm S went out to the gas station for a hershey bar for him and a dark chocolate/mint 3 musketeers bar for me 🙂 Totally hit the spot!

    Usually though I’ll just have a bag of popcorn at night – I LOVE popcorn!!

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