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The Sock Bun

There are some days where I look like a hot mess.  I didn’t shower the day before, Joe woke up before I could take a shower after running the next morning, and now it’s 11am and my hair is, in a word, icky.

What to do, what to do.

Time for the sock bun!  Easy, and makes messy hair look good because, guess what?  It actually works best when your hair is kind of gross.

You’d never guess that hidden in that bun is a sock, or that my hair hasn’t been washed in nearly 2 days.

It’s quick, cheap, and easy.  Just follow the steps in this video.  The only thing that I do different is that I use hair pins to secure it a bit more – otherwise I think it would fall out.

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6 thoughts on “The Sock Bun

  1. Oh yes, my friend, I know your dilemma only too well – I just wish I could carry it off as elegantly as you! You look amazing (and not a smelly sock in sight!).

  2. As a ballerina, I grew up with the sock bun so I think its funny that its now just becoming popular. Its how I made my super fine hair look like a real bun! Now that the secret is out, I expect a lot more snazzy “dirty” hairdos.

  3. Very cute! You have such pretty hair and mine is much coarser so I’m not sure how cute it would look. I found I can’t wash it but every few days anyways bc it gets too dry. Great tip though 🙂

  4. SAY WHAT?!?!?!?!? i’ve never even heard of a “Sock bun”… how do you take it out?????? Does it tangle up your hair in it when you roll it up??? I’m all curious now – I love the look of it though!

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