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The Sound We’ve Been Waiting For

Well, it was a crazy day right from the start…

  • Woke up 5 times during the night: twice to get a drink, three times to go the bathroom {and throw up}
  • Ran to catch the bus, only to be told that it was the wrong bus {this, despite the fact that it said it was going to the exact spot we need to go to and the fact that we had taken that bus number the last time}
  • Walked several city blocks to catch a different bus… would have walked much more quickly were it not for the lonely older lady who latched on to us and told us all about her 5 children living around the globe, the farm she grew up on, how much she loves Colorado, and her experiences with IVF and adoption…
  • Got to the next bus stop {still with the lady} and got on the bus, only to have the driver stare at us blankly when we told her the destination.  We had to promise her that we wouldn’t ride more than what we were supposed to
  • Knew right away that it was the wrong bus – confirmed when we took the wrong exit and got on the wrong road
  • Got off the bus and started speed-walking towards our destination
  • Chris was nearly run over by a car when he stepped in front of moving traffic
  • Got to our appointment 25 minutes late

But it was all worth it.  A steady 162 beats per minute and our little one is doing just great at 13 weeks.  Baby is moving around {not that I can feel it yet} and, as Chris put it, we were “quite pleased”.  In another 6 weeks we’ll have our anatomy US scan and can find out the baby’s sex.  So exciting!

And that bus?  Yeah, we caught the original from outside our location to head back into the city.  I think that driver was confused!

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11 thoughts on “The Sound We’ve Been Waiting For

  1. AMAZING. I’m sure it was unreal. You see/hear it in the movies and you probably see/hear it with your job, but to have it be your baby’s heartbeat must be so incredible.

    Congrats again!!

    And I really think you should consider decorating for Christmas. Come on! Do it 🙂

  2. Congrats on a healthy heartbeat! Can we start a poll on what Chris will say when the baby is born? I think he will be quite, quite pleased! Oh, and I like your ‘How Big Is Baby’ widget – I just noticed it!

  3. YAY! So happy! We get to hear ours next week! I’m so nervous. And excited.

    So sorry you’re still puking. Me too. Though not at night. That’s my one time of reprieve.

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