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The Tale of the Tim Tam

Shortly after moving to New Zealand, Chris discovered a new favorite: the Tim Tam.

Chris told me they were yummy and fellow bloggers assured me that I had to try them, but I wasn’t sure.  I took one look, turned up my nose, and said, “Ugh!  Looks like a bunch of over-processed, chemical-laden, highly preserved crap to me! No thank you!”

I kept this up for awhile.  Chris would go to the grocery, get a box, and I’d stare at them, thinking, “What on Earth is the big deal?  They look so unappetizing and… processed!”  Chris continued to eat them, telling me, “You should give ’em a try.  You’ll like ’em.”

I’ve heard that before.  Don’t make me bring up the banoffee pie cookie incident.  Blech!

I maintained my distance till last week.  It was late, I was hungry, and I saw a package of the chewy caramel Tim Tams sitting on the counter.  I scrunched my forehead, twisted my mouth, and figured, “Eh – what the heck.  It’s only a cookie, right?”

Bad idea.

I ate one of those things, and I went from being a self-controlled, healthy-food-loving, well-balanced nurse…

Into this:

No more fruits and veggies for me!  It’s all about the Tim Tams 🙂

Let’s just say that it’s a good thing I have one of these…

Because I have a feeling that in a little while, I’m going to have a heart attack when I step on one of these!

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11 thoughts on “The Tale of the Tim Tam

  1. I’ve heard about the myth of the Tim Tam. So they do exist! It’s probably best if I don’t ever discover them around here…

    Oh, and I’m a book addict too 😉

  2. Ha ha. That’s hilarious.

    I do that all the time with food. I don’t want to try certain things because they look disgusting…and then I end up loving them! 🙂

  3. oh my goodness, Tim Tams are from the devil I swear!! I eat them by the boxful, and now miss them dearly thankyouverymuch. 🙂

  4. I’ve heard about Tim Tams! You can’t get them in the states, so you’ll have to sneak some through customs when next you return. They don’t look all that exciting, but everyone raves about them… go figure!

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