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Shopping at “The Vault”

One of my favorite stores in Auckland is “The Vault”, a design home-store located on High Street.

Other than this sign, there isn’t much to indicate that there’s a store here!  This is the shop window…

It’s definitely tucked in there!  This is the entry way.  You truly feel as though you’re walking down into a vault or a cellar…

But once you’re inside, you’ll see that it’s jam-packed with stuff:

I have a pair of silver flower stud earrings from here that I purchased a few weeks back, and then a silver necklace with a New Zealand half-penny pendant that Chris bought me for a present.

Front and back of New Zealand Half-Penny {the half-penny is no longer in circulation in New Zealand.  On the obverse side is King George VI, and on the reverse is a Maori Tiki}

Things here range in price from economical to expensive {such as a $3,000+ stand lamp which I love but is a bit outside of my price range}.  My next purchase may have to be one of these clocks

Just an FYI – these can be purchased and shipped to the US for around US$38.  Not bad, huh?

And last but not least, I have to share a photo with you of some chocolate that they had on display here.  It’s hilarious:

This is Bloomsberry Chocolate.  They have chocolate bars with names such as “Girth Control”, or “Bochox” chocolate.  I haven’t tried any yet, but I’m planning to 🙂

So let me say that if you’re ever in Auckland, you need to stop by The Vault.  It’s a cute store, lots of great things either  for yourself or for gifts, and it’s just fun to look through!

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  1. This is my type of store. I love the hidden treasures around town that you have to search for. They always have the best stuff. You definitely should try the chocolate. 🙂 XOXO

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