Things I Want to do this Coming Year

Chris and I are moving to MA in less than 14 days – gulp! It is intimidating, exhilarating, nerve-wracking, and exciting all at once! I never thought that I would move to New England, and was not, I’ll admit, entirely thrilled at the prospect when I first found out. But, I have determined to enjoy Massachusetts and have as much fun as possible while we are there! I’ve been perusing different websites for awhile now, virtually exploring the area in anticipation of our arrival. I’ve come up with a couple of things that I would like to do with Chris or with family/friends once we are out there (by the way, speaking of doing things with family/friends, roundtrip airfare from IND to Providence, RI is only $170, and from JAX to Providence is only $150, depending on when you come. So you guys have no excuse!!!)

Coastal Wine Trail of Southeastern New England – this is a website devoted to independent wineries located along the coasts of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Chris and I really enjoy going to wineries and have been to several in Indiana, Michigan, one in Hawaii, and other locations. So it will be neat to visit some in our new home region.

Yes, I do realize that the first 2 places listed are related to alcohol, and no, I am not in need of an intervention! This place (Buzzard’s Bay Brewery) just looks cool. It is located in Westport, MA on the coast. They make their own variety of beers, and even though I am not a “beer” kind of girl, I am interested in seeing it and learning more.

The Ames Free Library is the local library. I really love the library system in Lafayette – it is very well funded, has about 6 different campuses, and has a huge variety of selection. It also has some great volunteer programs that I have utilized for some of my patients. I don’t know if our new library will be as exciting, but I am looking forward to checking it out 🙂
Borderland State Park is located next door to us in Sharon, MA. It was originally an estate owned by the Ames family (a large benefactor to the town – note the library’s name above) but was purchased by the State of Massachusetts in 1971. It is full of bike and walking trails, ponds, woods… lots of “park” things! I hope that I can bring Bear to the park and that Chris and I can do some hiking and biking there!

The Brimfield Antique Show (in Brimfield, MA) is one of the largest antique shows in the United States. It spans several days and the last show of the year will take place in September. I would like to check it out & search for some interesting pieces for our townhouse (Chris isn’t so sure, but he’s a good sport). I’ll let you know if we actually make it!

This is all for now. I have a lot of other places that I’ve bookmarked and want to see, but I will post those later. If any of you have been to these locations or know of some other cool places in the New England area, please let me know!

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