Things That I Accomplished Today

Things that I accomplished today…

  1. Used my new Chi hairdryer and loved it – check.
  2. Ran Triage – check.
  3. Played chase with Bear – check.
  4. Teased husband about rushing out to buy the new Madden PS3 game – check.
  5. Talked with my lovely sister V – check.
  6. Went out for dinner and drinks with O – check.
  7. Ate way too many peanut butter M&Ms while vegging on the couch with Mr. Practically Perfect – check-check!
  8. Had a really great Tuesday – definitely check 🙂

G’night everyone!

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14 thoughts on “Things That I Accomplished Today

  1. Sounds like a perfect Tuesday. Also very happy to have read your NYC post – glad you had a great trip! Isn't the Met the best? I could stay there all day…

  2. Peanut butter m&m's are so hard to find around here! I'm so jealous – they're my favorite.

  3. I'm not sure if I more jealous of the Chi hairdryer or spending time on the couch eating peanut butter M&Ms. It's a very close race for sure!!! 🙂 Glad you had a great Tuesday!!!

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