Thanksgiving, Turkeys

Three Turkeys

Thanksgiving is almost here, and apparently the turkeys in New England have decided to stage an escape…

Proof of this point? Well, Chris got a bit of a surprise while getting in the car this morning. He noticed something moving, and three, count ’em, three turkeys were walking on the road that runs by our house! Now, the road in front of our house is pretty busy, so the odds of finding three living turkeys on this road would seem to be pretty rare, right? But there they were – walking! Eventually, they quickened their pace and started running, but can you believe that?! Three turkeys! On the road! In the middle of town!

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11/14/2008 Addendum: So… I shared my turkey story with some of the girls today, and apparently turkey-sightings in New England aren’t that rare. They all thought it was pretty funny that I was so excited about the turkeys, ha ha!

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