To-Do Lists

To-Do List

I’ve got a lot of things to accomplish this week. Like what? Well, I’m glad you asked…
  1. Find and plan recipes for the week – I’ve started to become more proactive in my cooking, as in, I’m actually doing it these days. Usually Chris is the one who cooks, or we just make something for ourselves (translation – Chris cooks something that I don’t like, and I have a frozen low-fat dinner or cereal. Healthy, I know). I called Chris last week and asked him to email me a list of his favorite foods. My friends pointed out how funny it is that I called him to request this and he emailed it to me, rather than speaking to each other in person. I see nothing odd in that! Anyway, I have to now actually cook some of these foods, which entails finding recipes. In my defense, I will say that for the first 2 years of our marriage I did a lot of cooking, but Chris never really liked what I made. It’s not that he thought it tasted bad, it was just too bland. What can I say – I come from a family of casserole, meat-and-potato-cooking women!
  2. Get a passport photo for my Indiana nursing license. Oh, how I wish that Massachusetts and Indiana practiced reciprocity!
  3. Apply for more jobs. Okay, correction – apply for jobs, period. I’ve looked at several websites and found a few positions that look interesting, but I haven’t actually hunkered down and filled out applications. It’s hard for me to be motivated to do that, especially since I really like the job I have now and am not thrilled about leaving it 🙁 I keep finding excuses to not apply, like, “Oh, I should get my nursing license first, then apply”. Pathetic, I know.
  4. Get an optometrist to refill my contact lens prescription. My old doctor wouldn’t renew mine online through 1-800-Contacts (darn you, Dr. Beck!), so I have to go in somewhere. Blah. Chris keeps bugging me about this, and I’m down to my last pair, so I’ve gotta go.
  5. Do “30 Day Shred” for 5 days this week in addition to jogging on the treadmill for 45 minutes. I’ve been doing really well with this, but last week I slacked and only did the treadmill 3 days instead of my usual five, and only did “30 Day Shred” for 2 of those days instead of the usual 3. That, combined with going out this weekend, has not helped my weight loss goals!
Is that really only 5 things? It seems like 5 things should be easy to accomplish, right? We’ll see. Have a great day, everyone 🙂
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7 thoughts on “To-Do List

  1. Just 5 things.. you can do every bit of it! No problem… Just one step at a time!

    You’ll have to give your review of the Shred too.. I’ve seen so many different thoughts on it.

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