To My Old High School Teacher: Shame On You

What is wrong with teachers in America? I just learned today that last week, a 38 year old former high school anatomy teacher of mine was charged with over 15, and possibly more like 30, counts of sexual misconduct with a teenage boy in Indiana. Apparently, things started when he was 15 and continued till he was 17 years old. All of this took place while he was a summer camp counselor and she was the camp director, as well as a high school teacher! I was shocked. I never would’ve imagined this woman behaving in such a fashion, and the sad thing is that this kind of conduct isn’t unique to her. We all know that things like this happen quite frequently across the United States. Disgusting. I don’t buy those stories of “falling in love” or that “it just happened”. You’re a teacher – you have a college degree, you’re entrusted with educating and being a role model for children, not a means of their corruption. Shame on you.
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17 thoughts on “To My Old High School Teacher: Shame On You

  1. yep… gross. you know how i feel about this. it makes me even more mad because she was always so quick to criticize students who had "questionable character." specifically my exboyfriend who probably did have questionable character, but she shouldn't have been so judgmental of him.

    anyway… ugh!!!

  2. As a teacher stories like this fire me up. Teachers that do things like that really ruin reputations for all of us.

    You're right. Shame on them.

  3. Terrible. One of my high school math teachers had married a girl from our high school that he had coached in soccer (this happened like 3 years after she graduated) and he was young (like 25). Then she divorced him and he wound up marrying a girl that was graduated a year before me about 3 years later. Then while still married to her, he was caught with a student of his that was 16 at a hotel! Of course, her parents pressed charges and he lost his job (as he should have).

  4. oh goodness – you sad it all with your last sentence – shame on them! people should just use common sense in the real world!

  5. Sad, such a disgrace to all the wholesome and respectable teachers out there!

    ps – I am OnlyLoveLetters on Twitter, I just sent a request to follow you! I need to figure out how to link mine to my blog! LOL

  6. I hadn't heard that! That's so gross. She was on my trip overseas too – never would have pegged her for that kind of behavior.

  7. This is unbelievable. I am not a mother, not yet anyway, and it makes me scared for my children. I can't not believe the excuses these pathetic people than try to come up with to "explain themselves."

    Scary, scary thing.

  8. That is disgusting, and people like that have sick psychological problems that they need to work out.

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