Tobey’s Edible Playmate

Three days ago it was almost a normal Tuesday in the middle of January. It was cold and there was about 2 inches of snow on the ground as usual, but there was one very important difference. Since it has been unusually warm this winter, this Tuesday provided Tobey with his first real experience with snow. He had seen snow before, as there were flurries earlier in the year, but nothing like the blanket that he witnessed earlier this week.
At first, he was a little befuddled, trying to figure out why his favorite pee spot was covered in that white stuff. But then he took those first few brave steps into the white and bravely did his business anyway. He then took a leap forward and splashed some snow. Thinking the splashed snow was some sort of critter trying to escape, he leapt again trying to trap his new playmate. Naturally, he didn’t catch anything, but in the process he did splash more snow, which started the process all over again. And again. And again. And…well, you get the picture.
Eventually, he realized that he was completely incapable of catching whatever it was that was eluding his grasp, so he gave up. But then he made another remarkable discovery: you can eat snow!! Eating snow, of course, is essentially eating water in its frozen form, and those who know Tobey will recognize the sheer importance of this discovery to him. He will literally drink buckets of water if given the opportunity–an opportunity Jenny and I seldom give him because it means that we will need to bring out the carpet spray soon (all that water has to go somewhere, after all!). Hence, Tobey began eating the snow with voracious intensity filling up on that white gold. Since I don’t have a clever or interesting way of ending this story, I will end right here. No, right here. That’s better.

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