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Too Much Television

Chris and I decided to stop subscribing to TV channels about 4+ years ago.

Notice that I didn’t say we decided to go TV-free – we decided to go without any TV channels.  Bit of a difference there.  We love to watch movies and there are some shows that we have on DVD {“Friends”, “NCIS”, “The Office”, “Andy Griffith”… wait – did I just admit that out loud?!}

We made the decision to forgo most TV because it was too easy to fall into the habit of zoning out in front of the screen at the end of the day.  And this isn’t just in relation to TV – computers can do it, too, and we’ve both been guilty of staring at our laptops in the evening without communicating to each other about how our lives are going.

So, giving up the TV channels has meant that we talk to one another more.  We read more books.  We do things like play games, clean the kitchen or some other household chore.  Having a picked-up house and/or a clean kitchen makes me feel rested and at peace.  When I’m rested and at peace, I’m far less likely to get cranky about small stuff, which means that Chris is usually in a better mood, too.

Some friends ask how we stay abreast of the news.  That’s what the internet is for, in my opinion!

So, there you have it – we’re not big TV watchers.  We might be out of the loop when friends ask, “Did you see _____ last night?”, but we’re OK with that.

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1 thought on “Too Much Television

  1. We have freeview but it’s mostly the children who watch it when they need some zone out time after school. Hubby & I only watch it if there’s something good on (we check the freeview schedule online!!) And we agree with you – we read the news online. If something happens that we need to know about, it’s amazing how we don’t need to read the paper or watch tv to find out – one way or another we are told. 🙂

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