Tuesday Night Schlump

Hello my lovely readers! It’s Tuesday, and here in New England it’s wet, rainy, and chilly. I am secretly envious of This English Girl’s Life’s San Diego weather!

My plans for tonight aren’t exciting – I’ve already worked out, gone to the library, and gone to the salon to pick up some product. While there, my stylist accosted me to find out if I’d heard anything about the move (he actually saw me, yelled “Stay right there!” and left a client at his station, ha ha!). Last time I was in, we still hadn’t heard anything definite. So I happily informed him that yes, we are moving to New Zealand 🙂 And he happily informed me that he was planning to visit me once we were there. He even promised to bring supplies and do my hair, ha ha!

So for the rest of the night I plan to play with Bear, eat dinner, and watch a movie, followed by starting to read “Breaking Dawn”. No fancy dinner plans – just scrounging. Chris is working late tonight, so it’s just me and the doggy 🙂

Have a great Tuesday evening, everyone!

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5 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Schlump

  1. hehe funny that your hair dresser is keen to come visit NZ! cool though 🙂 my NZ passport attracted a lot of attention when i was in the US – good attention 🙂 lots of airline & customs security staff when they saw my passport were like 'oh NZ! cool, thats definitely on my list of places to visit'. One security guy who was checking my ticket tried to get me to talk just so he could hear my accent… which was kinda weird since security aren't usually the friendliest people around, ha.


  2. Your own hair dresser who would travel around the world? that’s FIERCE :o)

    Sounds like a good comfy night! Enjoy Breaking Dawn!!!

  3. Enjoy your night of calmness! I’m super jealous … I swear my list of things to do doubled while I was at work today. 🙁

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