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Two Big No-Nos

Two big no-nos during pregnancy {advice for the spouse}:

1. Don’t ever ask your pregnant wife if she’s on some sort of “vomit diet” and is trying to lose weight before the big weight gain of the pregnancy {In Chris’ defense, he said he was sure the answer was “no”, but was concerned because “you just keep throwing up – all the time!  And you’re losing weight!”  Oh, my.}

2. If you see that your wife is loving eating something and is actually able to keep it down {ahem, broccoli salad}, don’t wait till she goes to work and then finish the rest of it.  And if you do actually have the nerve to do this, do not leave the empty, dirty container sitting in full view by the sink.  I can guarantee that when your wife gets home having dreamed about said broccoli salad all throughout her crazy night shift in the ER, and then she sees the empty container mocking her on the cupboard, one of those mood swings of hers will come full-circle and club you right between the eyes.  Pow!  Zoom! {Sorry about that, Chris – just don’t touch my broccoli salad!}

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7 thoughts on “Two Big No-Nos

  1. Hahah – I’m telling you, people don’t understand not to mess with a pregnant lady and her food!!! Just wait til the 3rd trimester where you want to eat everything in sight at every minute of the day 🙂

  2. I have a phrase I have used for years: They can’t help it they’re men! It applies so many places…feel free to use it and pass it on!

  3. AHHHHH!!!! I’ll kill him for you! Oh, dear. These poor men we’re married to. I think P is more anxious for the vomiting to be over than even me. And that’s saying a lot.

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