Two Cute Things

Chris has a habit of leaving his jeans lying right next to his desk. Why he does this, I don’t know. I think it has something to do with the fact that he changes into his gym clothes at his office and brings his jeans & regular stuff home in his bag, then leaves his bag by his desk. Later on, he just removes his clothes and puts them in a pile by the desk, which kind of gets on my nerves. Anyway – that is not the cute part. The cute part is that Bear has apparently decided that Chris’ jeans are the perfect place to hide doggie treats. When I came home from work this evening, Bear was so excited (as usual) and he started running in circles. Then he immediately ran to Chris’ jeans and started scrounging and pawing around in them. I was like “What is he doing?” The next thing we knew, he had taken out 2 Beggin’ Strips and started munching on them! Isn’t that hilarious? Apparently, even indoor doggies need a place to stash their goods.

The 2nd cute thing is actually a website – www.RubyLane.com. I stumbled upon it a few nights ago, and it has all sorts of neat antiques, ranging from furniture, glassware, light fixtures, mirrors… all sorts of stuff. It also had a cool medical/scientific area under the antiques section which I found particularly interesting. You should check it out.

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