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Two Things

(1) I heard back from one of the DHBs {side note: a DHB is a District Health Board.  Auckland has 3 DHBs, and each one oversees at least 1 hospital}.  Things sound promising, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

(2) The advertisements in NZ are hilarious.  Case in point?

Exhibit A – Seen while walking on Quay Street…

Advertisement for Barabra Cafe + Bar

Exhibit B – Seen while turning onto our hotel’s street off of Khyber Pass…

Advertisement for the NZ Listener Magazine

These definitely made me laugh {and take pictures}!

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3 thoughts on “Two Things

  1. ahahaha…. I love those ads… I wish our ads were funnier! Glad to hear that things sound promising… have you eaten any new fantastic foods? When does Chris start his new job?

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