Ultrasound Photo

No baby yet, but I do have a photo of his face from the biophysical profile ultrasound {which went well, by the way!}:

Chubby cheeks!  I told my midwife that at this stage, I would consider being induced sooner rather than later.  She still wants me to wait till I reach 42 weeks.  I told her my uterus has expired, and she just laughed.  Oh well!  Full moon is coming up – we’ll see if that moves things along 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Ultrasound Photo

  1. I believe in the full moon / weather inducing labor! Sophie was born during a huge storm in February – my water broke on the day when the barometric pressure was super low and all the nurses said they see it happen all the time!

    Hang in there mama – you’ll get that little one soon 🙂 Just rest rest rest for now!!!

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