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Waiting Game

Well, Chris left this morning for his trip to New Zealand. The plan was for him to fly into O’Hare, then LAX, then Auckland.

Unfortunately, the weather in Chicago didn’t cooperate. He ended up being re-routed to Indy where he sat, and sat, and sat. Had he been able to de-plane, it’s likely that he could have caught a flight to LAX and still made it in time for his connection, but no deal. Once the weather cleared up, Chris’ flight kept waiting because (and this is unbelievable) they had the wrong fax number for the flight plan. What a bunch of numskulls.

So, he’ll either be spending tonight in Chi-town or LA, since the next connection to NZ doesn’t leave till 7:30pm tomorrow night. A whole day wasted, which was supposed to be his catch-up time from his long journey. Now it looks like he’ll be getting in on Wednesday at 5am, then have to give his lectures and interviews later that day. Not the best way to start off a 3 day job interview. I am really praying that everything goes OK. I know I said that I wasn’t going to put too much hope on this job, but I think that I’m a lot more invested in it than I’d like to admit. I’ll let you know how things turn out.

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