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Walking on Campus

Joe and I headed over to one of the local university campuses this past Saturday.  Chris was a representative for his department during the “Courses and Careers” day.  It’s a day where high school students are able to tour the university and learn about various majors available to them.  We decided to walk over and see what all the fuss was about!

Joe fell asleep within a few minutes of being in the carrier.  We didn’t even make it out of our building’s lift before he was out like a light 🙂

“Baby Patch” is like “Baby GAP”

There were plenty of people milling about:

This particular university has 4 campuses – we were on the downtown campus.

Heading into the fale

Would you ever guess from those pictures that it’s winter over here?  This happened to be a particularly warm day with a high of 17C {63F}.

Chris was considering how best to direct the future lives of some high school students…

It was fun to walk around and see all of the high schoolers with their parents.  My youngest brother, Lance, has just started his first year at university.  We were chatting with him on Skype that morning and asked how his first week had gone.  He seems to be really enjoying it, and talking with him brought back memories of my own 4 years as a student at the same university.  To then walk around so many teenagers later that day who were in a very similar position to Lance made me miss him a little bit!

All in all, it was a nice hour’s walk on a Saturday 🙂

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  1. Ha! I love Chris’ scholarly pose! He looks ready to impart his wisdom on some unsuspecting, er, I mean fortunate, student! Love it!

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