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Can you believe that it’s almost Thanksgiving?  This year is flying by!

Yesterday, I realized that there are only approximately 170 days till we move to New Zealand.  Wow.  When I typed that, my stomach just fell to my toes and then zoomed back to its normal place.  I can’t believe that I’ll be living in another country this May.  It’s exciting, but also terrifying.

I have to work till 6:30am on Thanksgiving, but as soon as I get home, we’re hopping in the car and driving 3 hours south to stay with my family.  I am planning to sleep the whole way there, and then sleep some more once we arrive.  We contemplated leaving after I’d had some time to nap, but my younger brother requested that we get there ASAP so he can get in some quality video-game time with Chris.  That’s fine with me, so long as no one expects me to be the life of the party.  We’ll drive back home on Friday night.

I’m working 4 days this week.  My workplace pays out so much overtime that you’d think they would just hire another nurse, but they don’t.  And so I continue to work 48 – 60 hour weeks until they do.  Sigh.

I filed that complaint against our scary neighbors.  If this is the last post you here from me, it’s because scary neighbors burned down our apartment in retaliation.

Chris has a few conferences coming up.  His next one is December 28th – 30th in NYC.  He wanted me to go with him, but I was just in NYC this summer, and they’ve already scheduled me to work.  He’s also got a conference in Chicago in February, and his speaking engagement for 3-4 days in March.  He’s a busy guy.  I am planning to go with him to Chicago, and so are my in-laws.

I get along really well with my in-laws, particularly my MIL.  When I decided to go  to go to Chi-Town with Chris,  I thought it might be fun to invited my in-laws, too.  My MIL loves to travel, and I thought she might be up for it.  She totally was, and the tentative plan is for her to fly out with my FIL to a conference in Las Vegas, and then they’ll both fly into Chicago once that’s over.  I really love spending time with them and I’m glad that they seem to have been able to work it in to their schedules.

Alright – I’m exhausted.  I don’t think that I sat down once tonight except to do my charting, and even then I kept popping up to take care of people.  It makes the night fly by, but it’s all catching up to me now… Snzzzzzzz….

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  1. ruth says:

    hello swap buddy!! nice to meet you 🙂
    i am here to snoop around your blog to try and suss out your tastes a bit!
    you are so lucky to be moving to new zealand! i’ve always wanted to go, and all my friends who have ever been have just adored it there. how exciting!!

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