I ended up coming home from work about 2 1/2 hours early today. I started feeling the beginnings of a headache while driving in this morning, but being the tough RN that I am, I figured I could deal with it and didn’t need to take anything. Well, this just happened to be the day that the hospital’s ICS (Incident Command System) staged a mock “Code Gray”. A “Code Gray” is a code involving any sort of disaster – terrorist, natural, community, etc. The story for this mock code was that a fire had occurred in a local foster home’s kitchen, resulting in smoke inhalation, some major burns, and injuries from people jumping from windows. Talk about crazy!

Still, it was fun and a good learning experience. It didn’t do anything for my headache, though. I figured the pain would subside once the code was over, then I figured it would get better if I sat and charted for a bit, and then I thought it would improve after lunch. When I started seeing spots and feeling nauseated, I figured I had better go home. I kept thinking that I was being silly, thinking that I needed to go home because of a headache! But, as soon as I got home I got in bed and slept for 3 hours solid. Good grief. I hope I can get to sleep tonight!

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