Weekend Wrap-Up

I neglected to do the Saturday Summary this weekend, so instead, I’m just going to do a quick little weekend wrap-up (I knew you all would forgive me)…

Friday, K, O, and I had an absolute blast at Patriot Place. There was wine, there was sangria, there was shopping! We ate at a cute little restaurant – Tastings Wine Bar & Bistro. The food and drinks were delicious – I had the “Whisper Sweet Somethings” wine flight + a glass of K and O’s sangria, ate the seasonal salad, and wrapped the whole thing up with a few bites of K and O’s warm chocolate ganache cake. I think we laughed the entire time we were out!

Here’s O being goofy in the back of the car…

K’s embarrassed because of her less-than-stellar driving skills
O and K posing in front of Gillette Stadium

I definitely want to go back to Patriot Place. I know that Chris would really love the wine bar, and I would love the shopping 🙂

Saturday was busy, too. I had an 8:30am hair appointment (I like having them early in the day – it’s not so jam-packed). It was nothing fancy – just some highlight touch-ups and a trim. The rest of the day was spent grocery shopping, walking Bear, talking with my mom. Oh, that reminds me! We settled on a day for my mom (and now my sister, C!) to come out to visit! They’re flying out from Indy on July 27th. They’ve got their plane tickets, and I’m having so much fun looking into different things to do while they’re here. They’re going to drive back to Indiana with us on July 31st, and I am extremely grateful – 15 hours in the car by myself would not be fun.

While at the grocery, I found this new fish – hoki. What caught my eye is that it’s from New Zealand, so I thought I’d give it a taste. I let it marinate in lemon juice and fresh garlic for a few hours, then cooked it on the skillet using non-stick cooking spray. It was delicious, light, and very healthy. Chris gave it a thumbs-up 🙂

I hope that you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Silla says:

    haha yeah you can get hoki at local fish & chip shops here as well as at seafood shops 🙂 I prefer Dori (not sure on the spelling of it) though. You might also like Snapper when you come over here..


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