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We’re Back, and Now We’re Leaving Again!

We’re in Auckland again, but not for long!  After 5 days of being home, we’re about to set off for the South Island to explore Queenstown and Wanaka for 9 days.  I can’t wait!

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You might think that we’re slightly mental to head out on a trip to the South Island a mere 5 days after returning to New Zealand, but it makes sense.  We moved out of our apartment prior to leaving for the United Kingdom and agreed to house sit for friends upon our return.  However, the house sit won’t start till the 13th of December, leaving us with a 2 week interval between flying back to NZ and moving into our friends’ house.  We decided to make the most of our necessary hotel time by choosing to spend some of those hotel days in the South Island.  Why not?

So, we’re back, but we’re off again.  I hope that all of you, my lovely readers, are doing well and enjoying life in whatever part of the world you find yourself.

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6 thoughts on “We’re Back, and Now We’re Leaving Again!

  1. So glad to hear you finally made your way to Queenstown and Wanaka! Joe can move about and enjoy all the sights now that he’s older. Your pictures are beautiful, these towns are stunning hope you had a relaxing holiday!

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