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We’re Goin’ on Vacation (said in a sing-song voice)!

Yep, we’re going on vacation 🙂 This June, we’re heading to Marco Island, FL for 8 days! Here’s a photo of the beach…

I went back and forth on whether or not to take the time off. Then I thought “I have the time, Chris obviously won’t be teaching, and it’ll be a while before we’ll be able to do something like this again!” So, let the planning commence.

How did we choose Marco Island? It was my MIL’s suggestion. Don’t tell my FIL, but they own 7 timeshares (he only knows about 2 of them – long story there!). They have 1 in Myrtle Beach, 1 in Hilton Head, 1 in Marco Island, 1 in Key West, 2 in St. Thomas, and 1 somewhere else in Florida (I can’t remember where). It’s a running joke in the family that my MIL has timeshare-itis and needs treatment.

The outcome of having so many timeshares is that, every year, there’s always a huge surplus of points and weeks, and she ends up begging us to use them. A few weeks back she emailed me and suggested that we do the Marco Island week. Like I said, I went back and forth, then finally officially requested the time off yesterday.

We’ll be staying at Marriott’s Crystal Shores Resort on Marco Island. It opened last year, and our week is June 13th – 20th on the top story 3-bedroom penthouse level – it. is. gorgeous! The penthouses are designed so that the entire ocean-facing wall is actually a wall of windows with a huge terrace that runs the length of the villa, so the views are stunning. Here’s some photos…

Master Bedroom
One of the 2 guest bedrooms

One of the 3 bathrooms

Dining Room

and the Living Room (see the beautiful terrace?!)

Since the timeshare is so big, we’re really really hoping that my MIL, FIL, and SIL can come, too 🙂 My in-laws offered to pay for our plane tickets, so the whole trip should be quite economical! There’s a great place just down the road from our house to board Bear. We had him there while we were in St. Thomas and he didn’t want to leave when we came back, so I’m not worried about him, ha ha! All in all, I think this vacation will be just what we need before moving 🙂 Yay!
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11 thoughts on “We’re Goin’ on Vacation (said in a sing-song voice)!

  1. this is gorgeous!! can i come? lol. i must know more about how your fil only knows about 2 of the 7 haha. i need to find some family with a bunch of timeshares.

  2. Wow, how exciting! Tell your MIL if she ever needs to get rid of any weeks or points or whatever, I’ll be more than happy to take some 🙂

  3. how awesome…….it looks very nice! we're actually going to sandestin for a full week in august and CANNOT wait!

    i rented a house right on the beach and my best friend & her husband are coming too.

    aren't you so excited – i love having something to look forward to!

  4. You are so lucky to have such a great MIL!! I would NEVER go on vacation with mine – so the fact that you want to go somewhere relaxing for 8 days with yours is impressive!!

    i hope you guys have a wonderful time!! take lots of pictures!!

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