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What I Shouldn’t Have Bought

I had such a blast during our visit to the States.

Food!  Family!  And shopping!

I bought so much stuff.  And returned so much stuff.  And thought about, and hemmed and hawed, and drooled over so much stuff.

America has a lot of “stuff” in it.  Just visit any Walmart and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, the point of this post isn’t about stuff that I bought or didn’t buy.  It’s about what I shouldn’t have bought.  What, at the end of our time to the US when I was frantically trying to stuff things into our suitcases, I looked at and thought, “Why the heck did I spend money on this?!”

For me, it was a pair of shoes.

It seems anticlimactic, but it’s really not.  I bought a lot of shoes while we were there and I was happy with each and every one of them, save one pair.



These are a pair of shoes that are almost exactly like a pair that I already owned and wear for work in the hospital.  My old pair is black and I love them.  They are hands-down the best pair of nurses shoes {that aren’t really nurses shoes} that I’ve ever owned.  I love them so much that I decided to buy a pair in brown and ordered these.

They came, and that was when I realized that in buying them through some discount, end-of-line sale website, I had purchased a pair with a wider width than what I normally own.  I wore them for a little while, figured they were OK {I’d just wear thick socks – brilliant!} and put them in the closet.

Fast-forward to 6 weeks later.  I hadn’t worn those shoes once but it was too late to return them.  I threw them in a bag with all the rest of my shoes and brought them back to New Zealand.  They’re sitting in my closet right now, untouched.

I’ll probably wear them eventually, but they weren’t the smartest purchase.  Oh well.  Maybe I’ll find someone with the same shoe size as me, only wider, who could use a good pair of shoes.  I’ll let you know if I do.

What did you buy this holiday season that you’re now regretting?  Anyone else out there with a pair of shoes {or two!} collecting dust in the closet?

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4 thoughts on “What I Shouldn’t Have Bought

  1. Couldn’t find your day 5 post, so I came here. Now I’m a bit embarrassed because apparently I didn’t read the prompt and wrote about something I should have bought. Oh well, sorry the shoes didn’t work out for you…they are cute!

  2. Ooooh shoes! While I didn’t buy anything that I regret over the holidays, I can see why you bought so many shoes from back home. In Australia I picked up two pairs of sandals for $70! $70!!! I can’t find one pair for that price in Welly, so I thought two was a fab deal.

  3. I have a ridiculous amount of shoes collecting dust, even after I’ve packed bags full of them to donate. Weird, considering I’m not a “shoe girl”, more of a flip-flop and Toms type. (I’ll keep telling myself that).

    Glad you enjoyed your visit!

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