What’s Happenin’

Several things have been happening around here lately:

1. I made stromboli. While this may sound innocuous, I was nervous to try this because when my mom makes it, it looks & tastes so good & I didn’t want to botch it. But I made it anyway, & Chris said that it was even better than my mom’s (good answer, Chris).

2. I was hired to work PRN as a nursing assistant in the Resource Team @ Home Hospital & St. Elizabeth Medical Center, & I am almost done with my training. I’ll be working one 8-hour shift every 2 weeks. While this may not sound like a lot, it will make more sense when you read item #3.

3. I have signed up for summer classes at Purdue for the 2nd degree program in Nursing. Classes are from Monday, May 14th – August 4th. So, roughly 3 months. During that time, I will be taking 8 classes & will basically be in class or clinicals from 7am/8am – 4:30/5pm Monday-Friday. They tell the students in this program not to work, but I wanted to keep my “foot in the door” at the hospital & gain the experience of working on a hospital floor in a nursing-care capacity. Besides, working 16 hours a month does not sound too difficult, & I can choose between days, evenings, or weekend shifts as it best fits my class schedule.

4. My oldest sister, Cindy, & her husband Dan are expecting their 1st child. Their little one should be born ~1st week of November. They also just closed on a house in Madison, WI, which oddly enough is only 12 minutes away from Chris’ older brother Tommy & his family. It is a small world, after all!

5. I went to Yorktown, IN for a brief visit with my parents (a little over 2 days) while Chris was at a conference in Atlanta, GA. While there, everyone confirmed what Chris & I already knew: Bear is the cute, loveable, easy-going dog, whereas Tobey is the tuff-puppy, instigator, master-of-his-domain dog. I won’t be suprised if we learn that Tobey has been relegated to the outdoor kennel for his entire time with my parents when they dog-sit for us in August – and if that happens, it will probably be for his own protection, since he is way too feisty & temperamental around my parents’ dog, Penny.

6. Chris received an award for the Best Graduate Student Paper Submission to the Indiana Philosophical Association’s annual conference. He will be presenting the paper this Saturday in Bloomington, IN. Even better: the award comes with a $100 monetary prize, which should just about cover the cost of gas & food for his trip! I am so proud of him, & wasn’t at all suprised when I found out 🙂

Well, that about sums it all up for now.

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