What’s Up with Joaquin?

Did any of you catch the Joaquin Pheonix interview on David Letterman last night? Hoooo boy! Things started out bad, then went downhill from there. I just have to ask, “What’s up, Joaquin?!”

**Apparently the clip’s been removed. If you didn’t get to see it, he was acting so bizarre. Chris and I were watching it and just kept saying “What the heck?!?!” Very weird. You might still be able to see it if you go to Yahoo.com’s Entertainment section**

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  1. Good Gals Inc says:

    He is on so many drugs, it’s amazing!!! I also think this whole “I’m going to be a rap singer” thing is a joke. He is so weird!!!

  2. *Jess* says:

    I misunderstood the reports a few weeks ago and thought he wanted to quit acting to be a “rocker”, not a “rapper”! Um, either way, maybe he shouldn’t quit his day job.

    Thanks for the nice comments on my blog! I had fun doing the V-day exchange and will probably sign up next year, too 🙂

  3. Trying to Remember it All says:

    I think the clip has been removed 🙁 I fell asleep before he came on – what happened?

  4. Rebecca Jo says:

    I saw that… how bizarre!!! it cracked me up when David Letterman said, “Sorry you couldn’t be with us tonight”…

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