What’s With Today?

What’s up with today?  Seriously.  Not only was there that crazy US Airways crash into the Hudson (thank goodness everyone got off safely), but then one of our “sister hospitals” had an emergency.  They lost all power and heat, which in the 12 degree weather isn’t exactly a good thing.  To make things worse, this hospital is over 2 hours away, so they had to emergency evacuate all patients by ambulance, shipping them over 2 hours (or longer – they would be driving right through Boston rush-hour traffic).  And when did the powers-that-be make this decision?  At change of shift, naturally!  So all of day shift (my shift) were mandated to stay till the dust settled and things were figured out.  It wasn’t that bad, really.  We were definitely needed, and there’s no way that any of us would have gone home knowing that so many patients were going to need care and assistance.  Still, I hope that tomorrow is a little bit better.  It will still be crazy because our unit is chock-full of patients, but hopefully not as nuts as today.
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3 thoughts on “What’s With Today?

  1. Wasn’t it great to be in the warm sun for the Holidays!? I hope your day is a little less chaotic tomorrow!

  2. Gotta love being a a nurse. I had a girl complain to me about the hours today. She said she never got off at the same time. Well, welcome to nursing my dear. Change jobs if you can’t handle it!

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