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Who Doesn’t Like Pearls?

We had a fabulous time on our vacation in St. Thomas.  It was wonderful, sunny, relaxing… everything that a vacation should be.  We are now spending the next week with my side of the family before we make the big move.

My father is a family practice physician.  As a registered nurse, there are times when I can do stuff for his office that other family members aren’t able to help out with.  He always tries to pay me for this, but the last time this happened I told him that there was no way that I was going to take payment from a family member.  I had forgotten about this until last night when my mom and dad said, “We have a little something for you.”  Not knowing what they were talking about, I was completely surprised to open this

Large Champagne Pearls Necklace – Baroque Freshwater Pearls

And these

Large Cream Pearl Earrings

They might look a little familiar.  I did a post a few months back about New Zealand jewelery, specifically Kagi Jewelery, and these were 2 of the pieces that I absolutely loved.  My parents had a trusty spy {my husband!} and ordered these all the way from New Zealand.  I absolutely love them {but I still maintain that I did not need any payment for helping my dad}!

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9 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Like Pearls?

  1. How very thoughtful! What gorgeous pieces, and what a wonderful way to feel a part of your new homeland! i do hope you enjoy your time with your family! 🙂

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