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Why Absent-Minded Professors Shouldn’t Cook

Remember yesterday how I told you we’d be having Southwest Pasta Bake on Monday night?  I generally try to make stuff in advance when I’m working, so I was planning to make this Sunday afternoon.  However, I was volunteering on Sunday morning and Chris had said he’d be happy to cook a meal sometime.  So I took him up on it, emailed him the recipe, gave a few tips about substitutions, and went out the door.  Chris later told me that when he woke up and saw my email, he thought, “Dang it!  She took me up on my offer!”  I certainly did!

I got home that afternoon and everything smelled great.  Chris had been very productive and had cooked the dish, but he mentioned that he thought he’d put it in too big of a pan and was worried that it might burn because it was “spread out pretty thin”.  I didn’t look at it {it was in the oven by this point} and said, “Oh, I’m sure it’ll turn out just fine”.

The timer dinged and Chris dished me up a bowl.  I ate it while doing other stuff so I wasn’t paying much attention.  I walked into the kitchen and looked at the pan.  I said, “Wasn’t this supposed to have pasta in it?”

Let me show you the title of the recipe, which Chris had in front of him the whole time:

Do you see that?  It says “pasta” in 2 places on the title section alone.  Somehow, Chris managed to overlook that little part and just made the sauce, then poured that into a pan and baked it!

To his credit, it tasted really good and it’s a quick fix – just boil some penne and scoop this on top.  Still, I was dying laughing and had to tease Chris about it.  Here he is, laughing when I explained what he’d done {I was laughing so hard that the camera was shaking, and the image is a bit fuzzy}…

And here’s another photo of him where he’s explaining how this was a very understandable mistake {he’s feeling a bit under the weather, hence the plaid PJ pants, and he said he hasn’t cooked or followed a recipe in 6 months}.

And to top it all off, while he was eating this he thought to himself, “You know what?  This would go really well with some pasta.”

He swears he only does stuff like this so that I’ll have something to blog about.  I think he does it because his brain is in la-la-land.  Either way, it’ll be a long time before he lives down his absent-minded professor reputation 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Why Absent-Minded Professors Shouldn’t Cook

  1. This is TOO funny!!! I have been really busy lately and didnt have much time to read your blog, but decided I needed to catch up this afternoon…glad I did! Thanks for the laugh..that is sooo something the Farmer would do!! 🙂

  2. LOL, that totally sounds like something my husband would do. Too funny. I guess you could’ve just made pasta on the side and topped it with the “sauce bake”

  3. Well, you did say he was getting tired of eating so much pasta! 😉 Who knows, may this was intentional!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’m laughing out loud! I’m glad that he has previously proved himself as intelligent or else I would think that husband of yours was just plain ‘not-smart’ (in lieu of a less appropriate word.)

  5. I made this last night after you posted the recipe!!! It was so good, although my picky-eater husband didn’t like it. Whatever, more for me 🙂

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