Winter and Laundry

I usually don’t mind doing laundry, but now that winter’s rolled around, it’s startin’ to get on my nerves.

In summer, I can hang the clothes to dry overnight with a fan going and – come morning – they’re ready to put away.  Not so in winter.  In winter, it’s r-a-i-n-y.  In winter, I pull up the shades first thing and the windows look like this…

That moisture isn’t on the outside of the apartment.

It’s inside.

When it’s this wet, it means that the laundry has a tendency to hang around for awhile.  Not so great when you have a very active monkey 11 month old who likes to hang from the drying racks!

New Zealand can get humid and like many other people here, we tend to use airing racks rather than dryers (both for reasons of cost and for reasons of energy efficiency).  Last winter, I’d hang stuff to dry overnight with 2 fans running on “low” and pull the dehumidifier from where it runs in the back to the let it run in the lounge.  The clothes might still be a bit damp in the morning but usually by 10am were ready to be put away.

Unfortunately, I forgot to do that last night.  I can count on 1 hand the number of times that I’ve used our dryer this year but, days like today, I’m thankful that we have one.

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4 thoughts on “Winter and Laundry

  1. Wow I never realized it was so wet and humid there! I usually let most of my laundry air dry too, but it is nice to have a dryer for things like towels at least!

  2. I hate doing laundry this time of year. Though, the past few days have been sunny so at least I’ve been able to put some stuff outside on the line. Usually we have clothes strewn about the house, in the different sunny spots.

  3. It was the opposite in Scotland. The laundry got dry overnight in the winter because we had our radiators on. In the summer, it seemed like it took forever (except on those very rare warm and sunny days). I’m glad you have the option of a dryer. I’d sometimes take clothes to my friend’s house in the summer if I needed something sooner.

  4. I got rid of my drier last year. I’m regretting it now! I just hung some ropes up in the carport and that’s working for us so far. I just hope the rain doesn’t get in on windy days!

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