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Arty Bees Books in Wellington

When Chris, Joe and I made our trek to Wellington back in August, one of the many great shops that we visited was Arty Bees Books at 106 Manners Street:

I’ve written before about my love for used {ahem, “pre-loved”} books and bookshops.

Arty Bees has both pre-loved and new books.  I had a great time perusing their shelves and checking out the Children’s Section.

So many books!

It’s a good thing that we had a weight limit on our baggage, otherwise I likely would have bought about 20 different books and flown them back to Auckland with me.

In the end, I settled on a pre-loved book of nursery rhymes for Joe:

I’ve read nearly all of the rhymes to Joe already.  I wish that they had an Auckland branch, but I’m happy to see that you can find some of their inventory online.

So, next time you’re in Welly, take the time to visit Arty Bees {and look at the Children’s Section for me}!

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2 thoughts on “Arty Bees Books in Wellington

  1. Jenny-

    I love love love that you are able to buy “previously loved books” for Joe. I should start looking for places like that around here because part of the fun is the search for sweet books.

    Hope you had a great weekend and thank you for checking in on us 🙂 Brynley is doing great and is back to her normal pink self again haha. (Thank goodness!)


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