Baby Bassinet

We’re part of a pretty great church here in New Zealand.  When we found out that we were expecting, one of the women in the church came up and offered us the use of her family’s bassinet.  I knew that I wanted to have a bassinet or cradle for the first few month’s of baby boy’s life, but wasn’t too keen on shelling out several hundred dollars on furniture that would only be used for a little while.  You’d better believe I said, “yes, please, and thanks!”.

Rebecca brought the bassinet by on Friday.  She shared with me that this bassinet is over 30 years old and once held her!  Her family has loaned it out regularly since then, and she estimates that it’s held between 50 – 60 babies over the years {including our pastor’s & his wife’s baby, Zoe}.  That’s a lot of babies!  I like to think that with so many babies having gone before him, baby boy is certain to get some good sleep out of this bassinet…

It’s been updated some over the years – new linens, new mattress, new skirting – but the basic structure remains the same.  I can’t wait to put baby boy in it 🙂

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