SEC Football in New Zealand

Last week, I woke up just after 4am to find my husband gone.

I was pretty tired so I simply rolled over, noted the time, listened for a second to see if Joe was crying, and then saw that the monitor was gone.

Chris does this really nice thing where, if he is up before me in the morning (which is most mornings), he will take the baby monitor with him.  That way, if Joe wakes before he leaves, he can at least get him up and change his nappy before waking me.  It’s pretty sweet.

So, I saw that the monitor was gone and thought that Chris must have been getting up super-early on a Sunday for some good reason, so I went back to sleep.

I woke up around 2 hours later and this was what I saw in the lounge…

“The boys” were up and watching South Carolina football.  That’s right – my husband got up at 4:12am New Zealand time so that he could watch SEC football.  He got Joe dressed and fed during commercial breaks, if you can believe it.

You can’t tell, but his t-shirt says, “#1 Football Fan”.  And you may not remember this, but I did a post a long time ago about the very first thing that Joe ever watched on TV: a South Carolina football game.  Obviously Chris is hoping to get him on the right track from a young age 🙂

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